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9 Totally Killer ClojureScript Tips From Someone Who Just Finished Their First App

As I promised, here’s a bunch of links, tools & tips which I found useful as a beginner. Some of them come from spending too much time trying to figure something out, some of them are well-known JavaScript practices that are as useful when applied to ClojureScript.

Alternative titles: 9 Smart Tips To Up Your ClojureScript Game, 9 ClojureScript Tips Every Beginner Should Know, 9 ClojureScript Tips From A Real ClojureScript Newbie, 9 ClojureScript Tips You’ll Wish You’d Heard When You Were Starting Out.

Shout out to site:buzzfeed.com intitle:tips for inspirations.

Learning ClojureScript

Learn some Clojure first, it won’t hurt you. I can recommend Aphyr’s Clojure from the ground up guide. There’s also Clojure for the Brave and True which I actually bought (early access ebook, only $20!), but didn’t really had the time to dig into it, except the wonderful chapter on core.async.

As for...

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Clojuary summary

It’s been over two months since I decided to learn some Clojure. I didn’t touch exercism.io exercises for Clojure, nor did I write an app in Om, but I still managed to learn a lot.

The beginnings

In February, I attended Lambda Days conference. During that time, my familiarity with ClojureScript ecosystem was still relatively low, so the ClojureScript + React.js: How I learned to stop worrying and love the browser talk of Norbert hit the bull’s-eye for me. Later I discussed many different aspects of ClojureScript with him, which made me even more curious about the language.

I promptly finished Aphyr’s guide to Clojure and then I started working on the aforementioned Om app. The beginning wasn’t easy, as I had to fight with Clojure(Script) tooling and cryptic error messages, but it was worth it.

Initially I wrote the prototype in Om, but I found it cumbersome in some places (though it...

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Okay, so the goal is to write a simple app in ClojureScript by the end of February 2015.

I’m going to start with Aphyr’s “Clojure from the ground up” series, then write a bot for the upcoming CodinGame “The Great Escape” challenge and maybe pick up some exercises from the brilliant exercism.io.

I want to try Clojure & ClojureScript, because I hope that the latter will ease the pain of writing JavaScript applications. Sure, there are other alternatives for not writing JS directly, but I really admire the stuff David Nolen is doing, especially Om seems to be very interesting – I love React and this might make it even better. Oh, and this live ClojureScript coding session by Alexander Solovyov at Polyconf was pretty great, too

So, at the end of this month I’d like to have a working Om application.


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